Welcome to AssistApp
where you will MINE real money.

All you need is to learn about AssistApp services
then tell people about these services and make money anytime they use them. We also have investment plans that you can use to grow your money. Very Easy.

Here are the AssistApp services you need to know about.

MUSUNGI loans services

Anyone qualifies for a loan upto Ksh. 70,000 to Mpesa. Read more about this service

MUSUNGI reference records

This is a social and Financial reference Bureau. Anyone can check his or her records and the records of otheres before dealing with them. Read more about this service.

Assist Lucky Game

Anyone can play this game at the comfort of their homes using Mpesa. Great winnings anytime upto 2 million. Read more on this game

AssistApp money MINERS

1. Teach people about the available AssistApp services. Click here to Check the available services.

2. Take them through the process on how to access these services.

3. Take your phone, SMS the words "YES MINE 2547XXXXXX" TO 22384.

You will have MINED money from that number. Anytime they use any AssistApp service, you earn 30 to 50% of their spending.

Withdraw to Mpesa

You can withdraw your MINED MONEY to Mpesa.

SMS the words "yes Withdraw XXX" TO 22384

You will receive an SMS on successful withdrawal.

Money will land in your Mpesa number you are using to SMS instantly.

This should be the number you registered with. Otherwise, the withdrawal will fail.

The minimum you can withdraw is Ksh. 200

AssistApp Mpesa Paybill Number

Go to Mpesa menu in your Phone

Click Lipa na Mpesa

Click PayBill

Enter Business number as: 693165

Enter Account as: Your phone number.

Enter Amount.

Click OK

Join AssistApp today and see yourself to Financial freedom.

It is very easy and costs only Ksh. 50. Follow the steps below:

Go To Mpesa menu in your Phone.

Click Lipa na Mpesa.

Click Paybill

Enter Business number as: 693165

Enter Account as: REGISTER

Enter amount as: 50.

Enter your Mpesa PIN

Click OK

Within a minute or two, you will receive an SMS from AssistApp that you are registered successfully.

You are set and all is OKAY. Start MINING MONEY by following the steps listed here.