AssistApp Marketing pricing

Below are the charges you will incur to drive traffic to your website from AssistApp

  • App activation fee: Usd. 50
  • Content booking: Usd. 1 to Usd. 5 per month.

App activation fee is charged to prepare your website to start receiving traffic from AssistApp servers.

This entails:

  • Search engine ownership verification
  • AssistApp API fetcher installation, setup and activation

Content Booking fee is charged when you choose the content from where you want your website traffic to come from. AssistApp will present to your account a variety of content that you can exploit. The booking fee for each content varies between Usd. 1 upto 5 Usd per month depending on the traffic expected from it and competition.

You will be charged this fee per month when you book this content which automatically assigns traffic from that content to your website.

The total cost per month is the total of all the booked content per month. And is payable upfront as soon any content is booked and before the 1st day of each subsequent month.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the minimum package to purchase?
    The minimum amount you can spend for traffic is usd. 5 per month.
  • How much is one business lead?
    This is best calculated from your conversion. It will be equal to: The amount spent to drive traffic from AssistApp to your website/the actual number of people who purchased. Our high converting traffic costs usd. 5 per content booked per month. The actual clients who pay at your website may be affected by factors on your website such as server speed, problem with payment gateway, problem with registration, and other website errors beyond our control.
  • How assured am I that I will receive good traffic?
    Rest assured that the traffic we drive is real and converts well. We even give a free starter package to test the waters.
  • What is the source of this traffic?
    We get our traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing etc.